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Ministry of Religious Affairs urges Zambians to uphold national values

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance has embarked on a nationwide campaign to sensitize government Heads of Departments on national values and principles.

Director of Religious affairs and National Guidance, Yengwe Kakusa said the national values and principles are embedded in the republican constitution but needs to be unbundled for easier understanding by Zambians.

“These values which are already embedded in the national constitution need to be put in simpler form and explained so that they can be understood and applied,” he said.

He said promotion of national values and principles will also help in the equitable distribution of resources across all sectors of the economy especially when resources are inadequate.

“Upholding of these values such as patriotism and national unity will help us maintain an identity as a country,” said Mr. Kakusa.

And Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Peter Mwiinde has called on Zambians to respect elders and the Head of State.

Mr. Mwiinde said the current scenario where people are abusing social media by insulting the country’s leadership is uncalled for.

“We have seen people insulting elders and the Republican President through social media, this is not in our culture as Zambians,” he said.

He added that a country which does not uphold its values loses direction.

The team from the Ministry is also expected to conduct the sensitisation meetings in Kabwe and Chibombo districts this week.

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