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Sumaili Guides Zambians on Conflict Disputes

NATIONAL Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has called on Zambians to remain peaceful and refrain from using violence and conflict as a means of resolving any dispute in the country.
Reverend Sumaili said without understanding and respecting each other’s views and strengthening national unity, there would be no conducive governance environment, and that all development efforts would be slowed while peace would be threatened.
She said it was for this reason that those seeking public office should always advance much higher love for citizens and remember that the country was bigger than any other person.
The minister said there was need to be tolerant of each other’s diverse views and practices in order to promote inclusiveness among citizens.
“The factors that unite us are much greater than those that seek to divide us. We should, therefore, at all levels try to avoid using violence and conflict as a dispute resolution mechanism,” Rev Sumaili said.
She said the country was poised for prosperity without leaving anybody behind and, as such, there was need for love, humility and integrity to be at the core of all actions.
Rev Sumaili said in her contribution to the debate on the recent Presidential address to Parliament on Thursday that the people of Zambia should also avoid violent political leaders.
The national values that President Edgar Lungu talk about, she said, were centred on the need for change of mindset among citizens in the area of thinking and the manner of doing things to enhance socio-economic development.
The minister said to enhance the change of mindset, there was need for continued information dissemination to people in a smart and effective way at all levels.
Rev Sumaili said people should learn from President Lungu’s leadership of God fearing and hard working, citing his resonate in the fight against corruption.
She said President Lungu’s administration was on track in the fight against corruption taking it from late President Michael Sata, who was firmly allergic to corruption.

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